About us

Buvance was born from the desire to offer the best of artisanal drinks online. Natural wines, wild beers, ciders and sparkling fruits, all fascinating liquids that we want you to discover.

Our intention: to promote living products and that value their terroir, bottled by committed craftsmen and respectful of their environment.

Buvance is also the result of a meeting between two lovers of good products.

On one side, Julien, founder of Liquiderie, a cellar specializing in natural wine and craft beers launched in 2017 and a bar of the same name in 2019 offering a selection of drafts and bottles to be consumed on the spot around good plates.

A fine taster, he has always been immersed in the world of wine, having lived in the Loire and Burgundy, two unavoidable territories of the vine. Then it was when he moved to Paris, discovering new restaurants and venturing into a few salons, that he was seduced by the magic of natural bottles.

Beer is also a beautiful love story, first of all because he loves parties and conviviality : what better ambassador to toast and gather ?

On the other side, Adrien started to get interested in craft beer at the end of his studies, first of all by gustatory curiosity. In 2018, his desire to share his passion led him to create Bière et le Loup, a blog where he talks about his encounters, his tastings and his favorite addresses, including Liquiderie.

A few months later, while attending a brew at Cantillon, he has a real crush on wild beers. He discovers brewing methods where nature and time are part of the ingredients, allowing the realization of beers with subtle and complex flavors. He also appreciates the fact that this universe is similar to that of wine: wild beers can be preserved, evolve and surprise a public that thinks it does not like beer.

Together, Julien and Adrien have chosen to combine their skills and knowledge, in the Buvance project.

As soon as they have the opportunity, they to meet the people who harvest, brew and make wine in order to share with you their most beautiful discoveries.