Jean Maupertuis

Jean Maupertuis


    Jean Maupertuis is at first glance a discreet and modest man. By having the chance to know it more, another facet is revealed and we also discover that he has a lot of humor and that he handles irony with great dexterity.

    Jean is simply the great pioneer of natural wines in Auvergne, the pioneer. Already in his former life as a computer scientist living in Vallée-du-Rhône, he is in love with passion for this world and spends his ends of days in the vineyards, for little by little learning and training.

    Then when he chooses to get started for good, he chooses the village of Saint-Georges-sur-Allier. However, the Auvergne terroir was far from having the aura it has today!

    He recovers plots nestled at 400m above sea level on which Gamay is mainly planted, which undergo large temperature variations between day and night. A real playground!

    Today, the talent of Jean Maupertuis is worldwide and his wines are wanted in the 4 corners of the planet. This is why we are particularly proud to be able to offer them to you ... and to be able to satisfy the greatest number, we limit purchases to a bottle per person. You have to share what is good and rare!

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