Raphaël Beysang & Emelie Hurtubise

Raphaël Beysang & Emelie Hurtubise


    Raphaël and Emelie have only recently set up their winemaking business in the heart of the Beaujolais region, in Saint-Germain-en-Nuelles.

    They both learned on their own: Raphaël worked with several winemakers in Alsace (his native region), notably with Jean-Marc Dreyer; but also in Volvic, with Vincent Marie. As for Emelie, she trained with the Auvergne star Patrick Bouju.

    They are in charge of 8 hectares of Gamay and take care of their grapes as naturally as possible. They love to use herbal teas to heal the little aches and pains of their vines and this non-interventionist philosophy continues in the cellar.

    What they like: easy to drink wines, to share with the people you love! Litre sizes, high drinkability, fresh and crisp fruit, that's what you'll find!

    Without a doubt, Raphaël and Emelie are part of this young generation to keep an eye on, and their vintages are deliciously formidable.

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