Olivier Cohen

Olivier Cohen


    Olivier Cohen's wines, they make us happy!

    We have a clear memory of the first time we had to deal with one of his vintages. A delicious Déferlante, enjoyed in good company on the Gard terrace of La Divigne. A particularly warm and sunny end to the day, a moment of grace.

    But with each tasting, we tell ourselves that what we're drinking is damn successful. And by the way, among the favorite vintages to choose on tap from the customers of our Liquiderie bar in Paris: this famous Déferlante, whether it is in Red or orange.

    Passionate about wine, Olivier learned from the greats, Antoine Arena (Corsica), Thierry Allemand (Rhône), Philippe Valette (Mâconnais) and others. He then decided to make a living from his passion and settled in 2014 near Argelliers, near Montpellier.

    Creative, he does not hesitate to multiply experiments, to blend grape varieties of different colors, to mix vintages, ... to create fresh and lively wines, in his image.

    Already one of the emblematic figures of the Languedoc nature scene.

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