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Sylvestre et Joseph Mosse


    A family affair again! And since 2018, brothers Sylvestre and Joseph have been at the helm of the estate.

    Before that, they each went their own way. Sylvestre studied agriculture in Beaune, where he was also an apprentice to Frédéric Cossard. He has also worked in renowned restaurants, in London and in the capital, at the Châteaubriand.

    As for Joseph, he took a short trip to sunnier climes: Suze-la-Rousse for training as a sommelier-caviste, then Banyuls-sur-Mer for grape harvesting and vinification with Bruno Duchêne. And like his brother, a stint in one of the most renowned addresses in Parisian bistronomy: Aux Deux Amis.

    Delicious and precise, the Mosse brothers' wines are brilliant and are among the best you can find in Anjou. Go for it!

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