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Jean-Pierre Robinot


    Jean-Pierre Robinot is a well-known and respected gentleman in the world of free wine. A little whimsical, he is a character that we do not forget!

    He was born and grew up south of Sarthe, in the midst of Loir Valley. His story with wine started in Paris, where he held the Angel Vin for 15 years, a bar located in the heart of the 11th arrondissement.

    But his dream is to realize his own cuvées. He therefore returns to the source, in his native village of Chahaignes. There's Acquires wasteland in hillside, on large terroirs located on soils of yellow clay, flint and limestone, on which there are Chenin and Pineau d'Aunis. First vintage in 2002.

    In parallel, Jean-Pierre conducts a trading activity named the wine opera. He vinifies grapes bought from local winegrowers.

    What we remember from his cuvées: elegance, complexity. The wines take their time, in barrels and in the cellar. Structured, long guard, its bottles are undoubtedly one of those that we want to collect in our cellar.

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