Les Bottes Rouges

Les Bottes Rouges

Jean Baptiste Menigoz & Florien Klein


    And here is one of the greatest talents of the Jura!

    It is in 2011 that Jean-Baptiste Menigoz launches his domain in Abergement-le-Petit, where you can find all the grape varieties of the area: trousseau, poulsard, savagnin, chardonnay or pinot noir.

    A perfectionist, Jean-Baptiste took his time and started part-time (as did his friend Raphaël, from the Ratapoil estate) to make wine for family and friends.

    Now well established, he is joined since 2014 by his Dutch sidekick Florien Kleine. Taking care of their vineyards like a garden, their wines are of a great accuracy: elegant and vibrant.

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