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Renaud Guettier


    As an agronomist engineer training, Renaud Guettier is also passionate about natural wines.

    In 2004, he acquired vines in the Loire valley. Convinced of their potential, he engages in a staggering work of restoring the vineyard.It is a land located on hillsides, Between 60 and 120 meters above sea level, protected from northern winds. Depending on the altitude, the terroirs have a dominant clay, flint or sand.

    There is Chenin and Pineau d'Aunis from 70 years on average!

    Renaud's willingness to make wines rich, with good guard capacities and imbued with the minerality of their terroir. For this, he gives great care to his plantations and pampers them as naturally as possible: Copper, herbal teas, decorations of plants, ...

    At the chai, Renaud puts on the work of time: sweet pressing, long breeding, passage of long months in barrels, ... The cuvées are patinated, complex.

    Living wine from high volley!

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